As we get older, the world tries to buy us

and there is no better feeling, than never selling out.

You know you are in possession of something special, when people challenge you constantly

It’s their inane values that come out into the open—and they’re the ones who pretend to be concerned about society.

“I make more money than you do,” they say.

And I laugh inside.

They believe their value comes from the price somebody else paid for them

True Value is not bought or sold like slaves.

Value comes from an attitude—where the attitude comes from—is a mystery.

It might be what we are attracted to, and when we find it, we appraise it, like great art.

Few have the power to decide what is great and what isn’t. This comes from personal taste, and not from the critics who rely on numbers, to back them up.

Once we appraise what we value—then we go after it. In the beginning, it’s easy—until other people catch-on. As soon as they realize you have something they don’t have—they start to grab at it. That’s why I prefer to place value in invisible things.

My attitude is enormous—it feels like the first golf club I bought when I was 12 years old—and when I woke up, it was still there in my bedroom.

Being in possession of something this powerful, is uncomfortable for those who buy and sell pieces of themselves.

Your attitude comes out in how you walk, and how you talk.

People are so willing to trade their will for whatever comes along.

They work a job that pays them more money than they ever thought possible—and they have three kids—and a wife

but something doesn’t feel right.

Their will doesn’t count—because they are at the mercy of someone else’s will

and others with everything—know you have something—even though they can’t see it.

Life is a test of your endurance, and the journey can be beautiful, when you go wherever you want.

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