I’m not against materialism

because what I own

brings me joy

and if I had the money

I would choose to own a small airplane

I would fly it everyday

not to a destination—just to feel above it all.

Investing, to beat the system, can cause constant worry

or having faith in the dollar.

I’ve always wanted to put faith in myself—

so that the material world, would fall away.

I admire the man who lives beyond money—

Only, I haven’t met him

Those who say they don’t care about it, have enough

and if they think of themselves as spiritual—it’s usually because they want experiences

Life without money is painful

I’m interested in the man who deliberately chooses pain

so he can walk in the faith of himself

this probably doesn’t exist

so I am also interested in the man who walks in the faith of God

and what is the difference?

If they don’t lay claim to their lives on the street corners

or ask for money

or seek fame

they simply exist

in their own fullness

whatever that might be.

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