For the ripe, over-weight monkey

who eats oranges, in his box—peels and all

I have something to say:

Waste—is worth it. Trying to glean Vitamin C

from an acidic peel—that has been touched by 50 hands

who have also wiped, is not genius.

So, what is?

It’s easy to look at your life and see nothing there.

Many of us do it

But some—like the man who eats orange peels—don’t.

And perhaps—this is the blissful state—like a cow

standing in line on the slaughter yard

not knowing, her fate.

Genius—is an attitude.

People underestimate how difficult it can be

to squeeze orange juice, on a sunny day

Instead—there is traffic, rain, lights, honking, and appointments

The test of any philosophy is to stand on two feet and run

A great philosophy makes sense out of nonsense, like scrambling eggs into an omelet—until it’s something worth eating.

It comes from somewhere else—

never begging to be worshiped.

While individuals have made it their religion

it needs no one.

People cling to it, like a life raft

tossed on the open ocean

with the abyss



their feet.

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