Doubt diverts us into different streams—

sinking swamps, muddy mires, and over wandering waterfalls.


The main current moves us to the destination we should go,

quickly and without questioning.


Being where we shouldn’t be, seems like an adventure, but it steals our time.


Walking the straight and narrow without knowing the pitfalls, allows us to jump high.

Wallowing in the dirt, is not worth it.


Being lost is not an adventure. People get intentionally lost when they don’t have a plan. They glorify this like they have lived life spontaneously—full of random experiences—embracing the chaos, but their existence is a mistake because they have chosen not to give it any meaning.


You know when the day should not have happened—an example: forgetting a password, calling to activate an account, to get said password, forgetting your security information, looking it up, getting the password, so that you can unlock another password. All lives will be forgotten, like passwords. Gaining access to what’s important is what matters.


The top is no different from the bottom, so why do people climb the summit? It gives them something to do. They believe, through their own actions, they will achieve greatness, but they are easily forgotten, like the 21st President of the United States.


What matters in life, is fulfilling your destiny—and it’s never what other people are doing. The notion that we are a competing species where the fittest survive, is to suggest survival is why we are here.


If you do what everyone else is doing, you are trying to be right, without making any errors. Being right, is like being in school—how well can you follow directions? Being the best student, will never make you a genius. Being a genius requires you to be a student of yourself.

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