We can resist who we are for only so long

until our deep self, protests.

This resembles physical exhaustion—

an emotional and spiritual drain.

Sleep is required, to ease the pain.

Basically, when you have done things, you shouldn’t do, for too long

a weariness will want you

demanding, you lie in bed, with the lights off.

You are at peace with your fundamental self—despite trying to say “yes” to everything

despite stretching yourself, to cover-up someone else’s leftovers

despite your willingness to help,

something inside, won’t

and it feels incredible.

They say we can adjust our attitude to accomplish anything

but someone is trying to pull your strings

to get you to do what they want.

If you feel like a lifeless puppet

that can’t get out of bed


Depression, is so often a symptom of poor living.

When you hit reset

you can forget

what you were trying to do

and accomplish what matters.

You will get a sense of its power and purpose in your life

and more often than not, other people will benefit.

This is the careful balance between faith and fame

You can lose yourself, totally, by trying to give to others


Faith is Free—and sometimes it feels cheap

because it doesn’t cost anything

but it’s the greatest power.

Recognize the things that make you feel good

even if

no one else believes in them.

We are not the attitudes, nor the ideas,

we try-on

but we are

Who we are

and the sooner we get close to that

the more alive

We are.

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