We are all nails that get pounded in—

some, fit right in,

while others, are bent and twisted

because they resist the hammer.

I’m reading a book about how to fit in,

and it’s making me nauseous.

Fitting-in can be a fun game, it says.

You strategically say the right things, and adjust your behavior to every situation,

so that you can have power later-on in life.

The book is an accurate depiction of reality

It’s not the smartest, who get ahead

or the true originals

but those who can act like everybody else—and enter the spirit of power.

I suppose, some of us, just have to resist

and flip the numbers

Convince people not to follow belief systems

by pointing out the holes in them.

The problem is, people don’t like you

when you challenge the foundation of their beliefs—

even in a polite way.

All of the jokes that you say

are predicated on whether or not they like you

and they laugh, if they think you are like them.

This is the sad state of humanity

we are so narcissistic, that we only love other people

if they remind us of ourselves.

8 thoughts on “We are all nails that get pounded in…

  1. Oh my goodness, I’m absolutely going to have to post the lyrics I wrote according to another song’s tempo about a hammer and nails! And yes, I know I just fulfilled the dictionary’s definition of a run-on sentence. I just wonder how many people enjoy that metaphor as much as you apparently and I definitely do?

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