Those with low self-esteem are happy

if your life suffers

they don’t know where it comes from.

When I am feeling good about myself, there is nothing good to feel about

this is a truly good feeling, because the world might end

and I would be sitting on my dead lawn sucking at an umbrella drink.

Basically, an FU attitude to life feels good

and it isn’t filled with anger, or emptiness

It’s amnesia from knowing my context—

how I am supposed to feel, and what I am supposed to care about.

I’ve talked to grown men, trying to be right, all of the time

because they are constantly being corrected by their wives

they complain about the status of their situation over beers

and virtue-signal the books they are reading

that teach them

their masculinity is harmful

What’s worse is that they turn on themselves, and they turn on each other

they think they are thinking

profound thoughts

by reading these books, suggested by their women

but someone is doing their thinking for them

and it’s the need to be accepted by the feminine

that keeps them reading.

A man will relinquish his manhood

to be loved.

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