Most people want to believe

they are bigger

than they are

but few people believe

in something bigger

than themselves.


It is the fate of the few

to see what isn’t there

and this vision isn’t ordinary vision

because it begins

by overcoming the self, and dying to the desires of the senses.

Sensations grow, like a flower, blossoming from within

like music flowing from our spirit

when we are not overwhelmed by limits.


Self-overcoming is what people are trying for

and failing at, because they can’t see beyond themselves—

losing weight and gaining it back

losing their mind, and forgetting where it’s at

They are stuck within their own boundaries

They are captive within the limits of their own reason

They don’t want to abandon pleasure

for eternity in the moment.


What we prove or disprove

is a limit.


We are flawed—


we should be perfect.

We can’t become like a photograph

or a facsimile—

based on what someone else thinks

is true.


We are our own paintings

with emotional appeals of expression

like flawed strokes that demand to be imperfect

so we might be accepted

for our imperfections.


The stage is set, in the everyday

and the man who thinks beyond himself

might have something new to say.

He who believes beyond himself

possesses unknowable power

and it is the unknowable

that is worth knowing.

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