There was complaining coming from the back-seat of Gregson’s BMW Z3, but when he turned-up the classical music, her cursing was lost between the notes. Gregson wondered about his destiny, and as he drove down the mountain, it felt like fate was falling on him like snowflakes. Then the milky-gray sky opened up, and they were falling. Life only lasts for a moment.

He drove to the sheriff’s office and unloaded the ski-lift babe.

“She’s the Snowman’s girlfriend,” Gregson said.

“Would you like some hot chocolate?” Detective Talbert asked her.

Why was it, that a woman can poison her father’s coffee, and the next man is going to offer her hot chocolate? Men don’t think straight around women, Gregson thought.

“Are you okay, Gregson?”

“I’m fine. I just have women on my mind.

“Oh–don’t think too hard about that. Women muddle the mind.”

“Don’t I know it. Their love is an ingredient for insanity.”

“Well, I wouldn’t go that far…”

“No, you wouldn’t. Give my regards to the Mrs.”

“Will do.”

And Gregson left.

Was it the elevation making his head swim? He felt sick—like he was the only one who saw reality for what it was, but this was only a fraction of life, and if some of it didn’t add up, it didn’t mean the rest couldn’t be solved. Gregson decided to find God, even if that God was inside himself.

The church service was dull. No wonder nobody attended, except married men, with their wives. It was a way they could keep their men in line.

Even in the valley, Gregson noticed the signs of snow in the air—that cool, wet, silent feeling—where nature covers its ugly self with a blanket of beauty.

Snowflakes started falling, and Gregson spotted Liz crossing the street. She was crying.

“Hey Liz,” Gregson waved.

She turned around in the middle of the road, when a semi barreled passed, honking. Gregson caught the white smile through the window. He was sure the white leather loafers were pressing against the gas.


Then the scream.

“Oh, No! That’s the girl who broke up with Pastor Steve! I thought for sure they were going to be married. Well, Pastor Steve will need to find himself a new secretary. Maybe he’ll choose me.”

The End

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