I am convinced

that most people are trapped

and they make themselves comfortable

to feel like they’re not.

Their lives are so dull

that they need to manufacture drama

just to feel alive for two seconds

while they pull the strings

on other lives

just as trapped

just as dull

as they are.

If you say the truth enough times

you can’t go on,

but this is only if

you see the truth right in front of you.

A visionary sees the truth that isn’t there

and he lives it, like it is.

Style is important to stay alive

If you can out-last what doesn’t make sense

and do something

that does makes sense to you

You can survive.

We are caught out in the open

with few allies

and many enemies

Friends–might be too tired to help

People are too tired to stand up

too tired for the human touch


burned out and burned up

or just burned

but sleep, will give you a fresh perspective.

Before you decide to

separate yourself

get three days of good sleep

and don’t talk to anybody

the world becomes an inviting place

if you don’t have to walk into it.

No situation is intolerable

with enough sleep,

and the people who won’t let you sleep

should be kept awake forever

I don’t understand people who want to live forever

Don’t they want to sleep and never wake-up?

Why do you think people commit suicide?

To escape from their problems, obviously.

I find that sleeping is a way to kill myself every day

and my resurrection is beautiful

because I don’t care, in the morning

and the people who do care

should sleep more.

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