Schopenhauer says, I must think first

before I write

He is one of the few men that I respect

but even I, have a rebellious streak

There was a time when I thought I would write for money

but now, I write because it keeps my soul warm at night

Whether or not your writing is worth anything

depends on

when you read it a year later

to see if it gives you the same satisfying spark and good feelings

as when you wrote it

Few movies

can give you this feeling

Few friends

can set you free, like writing can

It requires no conditions

and the best writing comes out of you

because it must

like a glorious waste

expelled from your body



from time

to time.

Schopenhauer says, the youth have been corrupted by bad books

that young people should only read important ideas after the age of 16

Until then,

they should learn

the natural sciences


and mathematics—

disciplines that can’t be misunderstood

but as a young man, I had little need for foreign tongues, numbers, or science

I was only interested in what could be misunderstood

and the same is true for me now.

Schopenhauer is right, when he says, people read new books because they are new

and people don’t have any perspective

because they don’t read the old

It’s frightening to watch “educated people” who are only aware of contemporary ideas

from the last 20 years

It’s taboo to think anything else

To be honest, it’s taboo to think

There’s only reaction—

like somehow, this is justified, because it is authentic

People scare me

We elevate



manipulative people

who are unhappy

to be our cultural-thought-leaders

Perhaps, happy people don’t want to do unhappy jobs

Healthy people can see an unhealthy lifestyle.

What Schopenhauer says

is mostly irrelevant today

outdated and wrong

I wonder how many people read his ideas and incorporate them into their thoughts

rather than dissecting his basic wrongness

like an academic exercise

Few students in education

read ideas without commentary

We should make-up our own minds

and get it wrong

from time

to time

and then roll in it.

14 thoughts on “Schopenhauer Says…

  1. I couldn’t agree more with everything your wrote and funnily enough I just enjoyed listening to an audio of Schopenhauer’s book for the first time a few weeks ago. He is indeed ‘The philosophical pessimist’ who posthumously influenced so many.

    Young people just don’t read enough of the classics and I believe many educators today and post 2000 are to blame. They have been to busy radicalising the younger generations towards following their ´post-modernist – neo Marxist ideologies. It’s tragic since the younger generations see the enlightenment and the progression since as mainly evil.

    The American ‘Moral’ Psychologist – Jonathan Haidt gave a great presentation about the dichotomy between the two views of history. I think this is it:

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  2. I have been asking myself “How can so many be fooled to the point where they blatantly sabotage their basic human instinct to stay alive?”

    Carl Sagan warned us of the danger of “Lowering the bar” over 25 years ago.

    On a satirical note, Monty Python, Church of the Subgenius, Devo and the Movie “Idiocracy” pokes fun at this.

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  3. Leave a Reply Hi thanks for this, reminded me that Schopenhauer was often quite accurate on the dilemmas of mankind but this is one of his more upbeat quotes:
    “Truth is most beautiful undraped.”

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