When I am

utterly detestable


full of rage

at my situation,

my problems vanish

because they can’t stand me.

People want to be loved

but they don’t realize the benefits of going unloved

It takes work to be loved—

accepting gifts, you don’t need

smiling, until it hurts

allowing people to come over, and love, love, love

Then it takes even more work to love them back.

If you are too tired,


If you don’t care,

care about something else.

When they say, “You have no love.”

don’t disagree.

There seems to be this common fear

in humanity

of dying


But when you know you will be dying

your moments

are even less

and there is no need to exchange feelings.

You can feel your creeping death-breath

that last air

waiting to come out

and I don’t want to say, “I love you.”

I just want to breath out

and hear the sound of my own voice

before there is nothing.


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