I find it amusing…

that people are always trying to fill their minds

with drama, gossip, chores, and pointless facts

of all kinds.

They have no original ideas

Their minds are filled with comparisons

they are threatened by their lack of competence

or they compete with someone else’s competence

As I write this critique, of my fellow man

it makes me feel good.

It is not for his benefit, but for my own

People want property—they want to own

but they don’t own their own minds

they are caught-up with other people’s opinions

they are caught-up with the freedom to have everything

which means, they can’t appreciate a few small things

I love my bicycle

my golf clubs

my books

above all, I like what they do.

They allow me to think, and I think, I’m a wealthy person, because of that

not because my thoughts are great

but because it’s my own world

People want a house, with a small plot of land—it’s the American dream

but I want the world

I want the whole thing

People want to flaunt their freedoms like a flag

I have no flag

Their demand that I should care

is an insult to my mind

it’s the last frontier

and it’s all mine.

2 thoughts on “The Last Frontier

  1. Wow! That was amazing! You are so down to earth with your thoughts and everyone can learn from your Wisdom!

    Here is something I find very amusing though and I mean no insult in any way whatsoever!

    Your name ‘Intellectual Shaman’! You are teaching some of Jesus Christ’s ‘Original’ teachings! These are teachings that were buried away from the churches manipulation for between 1,700-2,000 years! The Gospel of Thomas which I have studied and have followed the whole time the church was trying to indoctrinate me into their illogical BS!

    You would never expect to find Jesus Christ and Shaman in the same sentence mostly because of the church and their twisted views about him!

    Christ was a very Logical person and the church refuses to accept his original teachings because they are against the church itself! Christ was against anyone that tried to take advantage of or mislead others!

    You are also teaching some of Buddha’s teachings in this Poem!

    So, Thank you for making a difference in the world and helping to improve it through awareness! 🙂

    Have an Intellectual Day! 🙂

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