Advice from the man with aviator sunglasses

Advice from the man without a job

Giving advice that you can’t take

is a way to feel power, but you only get feelings

Dreamers who do

are able to accomplish what they want

and their plan is useless without a commitment

and their commitment is useless without a desire

and their desire is useless without a conviction.

Time traded in the pursuit of a dream is worth it (in my opinion)

It is worth faded memories

It is worth frills of the moment.

Dreams will save you from floating through life

I listen to people

with more success than myself

and it doesn’t change my mind

I accept my own advice.

We are all different with a different destiny

I go my own way

and let everybody else

get lost.

6 thoughts on “Vice of Advice and Dreamers Who Do

    1. Getting lost could have two meanings here: 1. It could mean that I take my own advice and I don’t care what other people think. 2. It could mean that other people will get lost because they don’t have a purpose. I don’t feel responsible for other people and I don’t give them advice. I take my own advice. Leading myself is enough work. Thanks for reading and commenting Carolyn Crossley Vixen of Verse! 🙂


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