Every decision I make must take me closer to personal freedom.


There are only a few actions I control, and I must control them all.


Philosophy is not about comfort, but making meaning from existence. This can be difficult, when existence seems absurd.


If you are abandoned, you might be one of the luckiest people on earth.


When you are betrayed by your beliefs, it is tempting not to believe in anything, but this only causes more betrayal.


Rejection is a powerful teaching tool—it makes me realize I don’t need approval.


Life tries to kill us, and it eventually will—not quitting, is the biggest FU to life.


Sometimes, the people around us are so twisted, we can feel the same, but I realize the fact that I can feel, makes me different.


Most people who give advice, do it from a place of superiority. “Look at my credibility. I was where you were, and now I’m not.” These types are like candy to the masses, offering a brief taste of hope, before making everyone feel sick. The rare encourager doesn’t offer the possibility of improvement. He says, “You’re fucked,” and you feel better.


The worst ideas, are the ones we insist are true, without thinking about them. Being able to think, is the ability to change how we think.


What is happiness? Happiness is complete control of thought. It is non-reaction, in a reactionary world. It is self-control, in a world out-of-control.


What is personal freedom? Personal freedom is the control of one’s self, despite conditions.


Superstition won’t save you.


Personal freedom is difficult because it comes from a spirit of wanting to make difficult decisions.

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