Some people deserve to lose, and you can make that happen—not out of bitterness, envy, or anger, but from a sense of justice. If you find yourself complaining—it comes from a place of helplessness. What you do next, will be something you have never done before, and that is exciting. The status quo is constantly changing. Character brings upon itself, calamity. We can love chaos—it destroys the good and the bad—it is best to accept this truth.


I can take a lot of hits. Pain bothers me, but it always helps me to feel something. Some fighters become numb to pain, but that is only because they experience the same kind of pain, repeatedly. It is best to open yourself up to different varieties. Most people want to avoid pain, but they can’t experience life, without it. All things worth doing require pain. Before you embark on something new, how much will you have to pay in pain? If the price is high, pay it. If you want the ultimate, you have to pay the ultimate price with pain.


When I was in college, my project partner told me that our professor said that I was weak. Then he went on to say that he didn’t think so. Whether or not he was trying to manipulate my emotions is another matter. I thought about telling him that I didn’t care, but that wasn’t entirely true. I can see how my professor thought I was weak. I am friendly, most of the time. At the top, people in charge see others through the lens of strength and weakness. Nobody is strong forever. Weak people aren’t a threat. It’s okay to be intimidating. The people you intimidate will probably call you crazy, but they are afraid of what they don’t understand. All they understand is strength and weakness.


The man I follow, is the man with the most endurance. I can go 15 rounds, with the right kind of fuel. You will always win if you never quit.


Pain, forces you to give yourself gifts. These are the gifts nobody can give you.


My hero feels everything. He doesn’t numb himself with vice. I don’t speak from a puritanical morality, but from a morality that knows vice weakens a man. Strength and Authority come from within.

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