We can’t escape our character. Most of the time, we pretend it doesn’t exist, or that it doesn’t matter too much. I hear about it most often when a person is giving a compliment to someone they admire.


Character is more often tested, and less often praised. It is worked on in secret and tested in public.


People don’t think about their character—they think about their reputation. They worry about what they can’t control.


Good character goes unrecognized when it is unpopular. Bad character spoils itself with praise.


Good character rejoices in being good. Bad character hates itself.


Doing the right thing is a form of self-love. Doing the wrong thing poisons the insides.


A rotten character betrays itself with words.


A good character doesn’t need to say anything—it’s obvious. How can something hidden, be obvious? That is a question our culture doesn’t ask. It denies the spirit shining from within.

8 thoughts on “On Character

    1. Yes, I think a bad character rots the insides. Few people with a bad character have peace–they are always in conflict with someone else. People with a bad character are usually living for themselves. They are trying to get as much pleasure as they can, even at the expense of others. In one word, they are addicts. Addicted to anger, addicted to pride, addicted to self-love, completely empty inside, unable to experience the joy in life. If you get away with hurting others, or being selfish, you reap what you sow.

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