I have often thought, that there is justice in this world

and it must be understood, and practiced, like a religion

that nobody knows, but yourself…

In a society of unbelief, we harm ourselves

and don’t realize we are doing it. The evil man, thinks, he is good,

and deserves all that he wants, and the good man doesn’t need anything—

not because he is content with nothing

but because he knows, he can get it.

There are laws that bring us together

and there are laws that separate us

Few, know the law

and even fewer practice it

Many stumble across it for a time, and can’t explain what happened

All worlds can be understood, when thinking ceases

Once you dissect a butterfly or snap a picture of the sunset

it’s gone, and you’re never going to get it back

Once you get a woman, and other women are interested in you

the temptation is to think, you understand all women

and all previous attitudes are sluffed-off.

Success does the same

You become a spokesperson for what you did to make money

and the world only remembers your name

seeing you, and your work, through a distorted lens

you start to correct your friends

you trade up

you clothe yourself in falsity

acting, like you care

There are wins and losses in your mind

and you lose every day, even if, you win every week

and the losses accumulate

like an accountant, trying to keep his business in the black

minimizing expenses, until, only barebones are left

The sunset is waiting

for anyone willing to reach for it, with flowers of orange, and wisps of black, promising other worlds

the mountain is waiting

for anyone willing to climb it, cold and silent

the woman is waiting

for the man

and the man doesn’t keep a ledger

or weigh the pros and cons

There are things to be done

and he is preparing to pay any price to do them

These tasks are his redemption

because they fulfill him

as he fulfills his destiny.

4 thoughts on “The Sunset is Waiting…

  1. Hi. I enjoyed some of the truths you shared. Reads like the wisdom of Solomon in Ecclesiastes. Would have enjoyed it even more if I didn’t have to read around the ads and between the line spacing. But I’ll be back for more anyway. Thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

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