We are a mixing society

and the mixing, is a batter, that becomes us

We are so mixed up

We don’t know our neighbor

the pleasant contract

is in place

so that we can have a place in society

until it becomes unpleasant.

What is our programming?

And what becomes of those who don’t want to be mixed up?

The dentist has a smile, and a perfect demeanor

his recommendation

is framed, written in an article, in the lobby

regarding his fame, and perfect treatment of patients

there’s a reason, dentists are the number 1 suicide risk

out of all professions

I would wager, there was less tooth-decay

back in the day

when everyone knew, the dentist wasn’t patient.

Would they lose their teeth or keep them?

and the painful process, would cause the laziest slug to brush

Now, they laugh and relax, under gas

under the sweet feeling

of no experience.

“Give me a little pleasure, and no pain,” they say.

their lives decay

like patients who were too patient

like robots obsessed with routines

they want to get enough sleep to function well

they want more money to have a bigger life, but they will never own it

they are robots

programed, to say, “It’s a beautiful day.”

You know what’s beautiful?

A robot that breaks

Only in that moment does it realize it’s broken

and can’t be fixed

by self-help seminars and positive thinking.

These are all the ways, the robot maintains itself

a self-belief

that it is a sentient being—


Most of what the robots do, they do to themselves

to function

just a little better

but they end up doing, the same things, in the same way

marching to their grave

without any original feeling

about their existence, and what it means to be alive.

Maybe, the only way to see yourself

is to have an out-of-body experience

where you can’t believe you are doing what you are doing

to most, this doesn’t make sense, because it doesn’t exist in society—

all of the mixing, only produces more confusion

more rules

more rule-breakers

more morality—that is impossible to understand, even though, it may seem, easy to believe in

because, someone is harmed, and someone is doing the harming.

A robot society can’t love

because, it doesn’t know how to love itself

In fact, it doesn’t know it’s a robot

and it will make decisions about human life

like it was taking out the trash.

So, unplug, if you can

trust, that you don’t need a robot society

and look for something larger

that you can plug-in to,

that understands you

It might be God.

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