All I ask

is a little peace

but the world wants

the whole thing.

I can hear their voices

inside my head

I can see their faces

cold, angry, disappointed


The world insists

I play

a game

I know

I’m going to lose.

A sucker

at the poker table

of life.

Now, all I want is time to myself

a chance to be alone

it’s my last chance

Few people can understand that

The world promises

all of these possibilities

within reach

Work hard

Play by the rules

Say the right thing

and you can retire with security

but it’s a false sense of security

a contract

where someone defines my usefulness

for their use.

I go on these long walks at night

and think about what I want

it’s a selfish delight

a profound experience

the stars are bright

my mind is made-up

the less I need, the more freedom I feel

all the free things, belong to me

I just want to live

without promises.

4 thoughts on “The Pleasure of Walking Late at Night

  1. Sometimes, we are just, dealt, these, lousy hands, and we are, forced to play this game we know, we will, lose out big in, but, there’s, no choice of, folding our cards, because, we are, forced to play until the end, in this, gamble of, life…

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