the black cat


late at night.

She was alone

but her loneliness

didn’t bother her.

She didn’t move

under the street light

the neighborhood at night

was quiet

not much had changed, there

and the black cat, sat

and didn’t look at anything.

Then, two strangers approached

an old mother

and her old son

and the cat walked through her hole in the fence

and stared-out from the darkness.

“Did you see that cat? The mother asked.


“Look, into that hole, over there.”

“Her green eyes are beautiful.” The son said.

“Yes, they are.”

“Here, kitty…kitty.”

“She’s a scaredy cat.”

“Better that, than if she crossed our path.”

“You don’t believe in that silly superstition, do you?”

“Only when it comes true.”

And the black cat, sat

and didn’t come out.

She watched the mother and son

walk home

late at night.

She waited,

 to cross the path

of someone


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