I have more empathy for the homeless man

who can’t stand rules

and doesn’t want charity.

I have more kindness for the three-legged dog

who is unloved

and unwanted.

I don’t like people who trade their lives for jobs

who develop a workplace humor

that makes them feel like they are important, and enjoying themselves.

I don’t like people who memorize arbitrary rules

and enforce them

and think themselves to be “clever” because of their knowledge.

I would rather talk to a man who is totally honest

rather than a charming charlatan.

If you study people, you start to see their unhappy lives

that they haven’t sorted out

they keep shuffling their deck

and it’s never an honest hand.

They aren’t getting away with anything

When they play by the rules of their job

all they get is fake money, and lost time

Maybe, they were the Director of Park Place, but now, someone else owns it.

I laugh at what they think they own

They are slaves, and they don’t know it

They are terrified to know the futility of their existence

They are so arrogant, they don’t know, what they don’t know

In the end,

most of them won’t admit, they were wrong

they will cling to their status

as past professionals.

I have noticed something…

On the streets, the very crazy, are left alone, unbothered—people keep their distance

And in the professional world, at the very top, I have noticed the same

Some may cling to religion, without any sincere beliefs

and some may hold to a philosophy

to justify how they live

They’re all lost—not one genuine emotion—not one genuine thought

Of course, this is only my perspective

my bias

but I believe I’m right

and that is the luxury of thinking…

You can make-up your own mind

and then, nothing else matters.

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