When your energy is stolen

by a schedule

that doesn’t like you

by girls that don’t like you

by friends that don’t like you—

you will know, what to do

with the small stuff

inside you.

We are all looking for answers…

and when the solutions don’t come

and attraction, isn’t a choice

We wonder, at our predicament

Why do bad things happen to good people?

and why does a man with no chance, keep trying?

Hope, is a necessary insanity

worth living for—worth risking one’s life,

to die, to feel alive.

Casting a wide net, without confidence

without understanding the fish, and where they will be

feels like meaningless


I want to spot

a silver trout, with gold in her mouth

and catch her, with charm.

I don’t want to accept

the lottery of life

I don’t want to cut my own path

through the jungle.

When I say “hi”

and a girl walks away

When I say “yes”

and the people say “no”

I can crawl someplace and die

or I can embrace the struggle.

In time,

a man becomes a hero

when he doesn’t give up.

Then he realizes

that what he wants

isn’t good for him.

If we had our every wish

all our pain, would be inside.

We would have nowhere to go

no way to retreat.

The small stuff

would be strangled

by unhappiness.


knows itself

when the big world

says “no”

It’s the gift, we don’t need to wish for

Because, when times get tough, it shows up


It’s more important,

than having it all

Having the small stuff

is all you need.

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