Your perception is shaped by your identity

and you come to know yourself

through the ideas you identify with

Getting money, is the common measure

but people don’t know what they are getting.

Their boss tells them

who they are—

you are the same person, as someone else, with the same title

When you are interchangeable—you have no identity

someone has obliterated you

and if you think carefully, you will realize

all of your identities:

the car you drive

the clothes you wear

the sports you play,

don’t belong to you.

If you don’t play by their rules

society labels you with “no identity”

but really, it’s because they don’t care to know who you are.


You can decide, today

to become

an owner

of yourself.

So many people are asking for permission

to change their perception

waiting for others to see them

for who they want to be—

This doesn’t happen.

Don’t tell people who you are

Be that person

and you will surprise yourself

You will see opportunities


that conform to your identity.


is so much richer

when you are

who you want to be.

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