What is the point

of asking-out 100 women

and what is the point

of keeping my feet on the ground

and what is the point

of giving 100 compliments

when not one

is true.

to study anatomy

and understand the inner-workings of the human body

when my body doesn’t know itself

and still takes care of basic functions.

to be respectable in society

and do everything right

even when, everything is wrong.

to focus on the wrong things

like not eating crackers in bed

and to neglect my soul

because someone said, “It doesn’t matter until you go to heaven.”

Not many men get to heaven

before they’re dead

They’re afraid to touch the sky

afraid to die

afraid of what someone else might think!

What is the point

of telling them what I have done

or who I am about

if my actions don’t stand alone—they have joined everyone else.

Nobody stands alone.

I have written my own story

about a woman I hardly know

each year we have an interaction

and each year my heart grows

I am falling in love with someone I hardly know

and when my two feet touch reality

the tragic loss takes me to take-off

where my dreams never die.

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