I picked up the piano for nine years

and then I learned it’s better to travel light

Words weigh less than your soul

and you can only write well, as long as you stay, lighter than air

Baggage, will weigh you down

until you are buried underground

Women have a lot of baggage

unless she’s a witch, and carries a broom

either way, I have stayed away

I keep my eyes open for one woman

who is lighter than air

She visits me, in my imagination

I don’t care.

A real woman can weigh a ton

Because, there’s all kinds of baggage


that will suffocate

your soul.

I can’t blame single women, though

I am a single man

and I know what each of us is thinking…

Why hasn’t someone snatched me up?

Probably, because we’re too heavy

I have a piano in my trunk

and you are dealing with all those boyfriends in your brain

What makes a man a man? He must be—

lighter than air.

What makes a woman a woman?

You will know her, in your dreams

when you wake up, beside her

and thank God, for the angel there—

lighter than air.

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