there is wisdom, in not talking about wisdom

Working-out in a gym, surrounded by girls

in tight pink pants

while my friend talks about lust

and how we need to overcome.

He knows a few people in the gym

He has charm

He genuinely enjoys saying “hi”

“I have increased my social status by talking to people,” he says

I think about the prettiest girl in middle school, and how feminine and beautiful she was

and how all the guys liked her

and she showed up to school with seductive laughter

and now she cries on social media

and she is more beautiful than ever

When the teacher asked her a question, she would giggle, “I don’t know.”

Her future was assured, because of her beauty

Now, she’s a good mom

because, she talks to her children

like she’s a child.

All the things we can acquire

are better left undone

We spoil ourselves with desire

We accumulate wisdom with too much study

rather than recognizing our own mistakes.

My friend spoke to a soft-spoken strong man

they compared haircuts, and bumped fists

I was hesitant to walk over

because there was something too simple about him

When I did what he did

things were fine

but when I did something different

I didn’t reflect in his mirror—

people prefer to look at themselves

strangers see the world as hostile

always ready for battle

they hold onto weapons

and their every action

does harm.

I didn’t bump fists with him

and he was annoyed because of my non-action

It’s impossible to connect with another person

when they don’t want to see you.

3 thoughts on “when you only see yourself in the mirror

    1. Yes Carolyn! Being kind is so important, and a real challenge when others are not kind–when they eat away at our insecurities! Many people don’t believe kindness is enough. One of my favorite movie lines is from Harvey, “You can be oh so smart in this world, or oh so pleasant. I recommend being pleasant.” The man is crazy, but he speaks sense.


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