Contrary, to what people think…

major life decisions happen each day

and the decisions we think will affect us

have surprising, little affect.

Being recognized, or praised, is the surest way to think that you are done.

There are so many BIG decisions waiting to conclude your life.

Choosing to love a woman is a habit that happens each day—marriage can end it all, upon stamp of completion.

If you want to get away from your problems, try traveling to an island.

The only way that you will know you are a writer, is if you do it for decades, without recognition

or you write a Best Seller, and keep writing

without any need to admire.

If you think…

“All I need is this or that”

you aren’t ready

My hero doesn’t ask permission

he just acts

You don’t need permission to do anything

Don’t announce your goals

Don’t prepare for the BIG decision

Don’t talk endlessly about who you would like to become—just start becoming

If it’s too frightening, all at once

do it day by day

Be careful who you follow

their spirit

will infect you.

If you are struggling to do something well

make the decision to do something else

struggle, is for those who need to feel like they are struggling

like they are accomplishing, something hard

when it’s easy, and you can do it with power and delight

it lives in you

Nature, doesn’t struggle to grow

Why should you?

You become what you do every day

there is enormous power in that

or total slavery

it’s up to you

Nothing will be given to you

and you don’t want that

because, you have the power

to decide.

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