Gregson grabbed his rotary phone.


“Hey mom.”

“Greg—your father and I miss you. Are you working on a case?”

“I’m thinking about women…”

“Oh—you know what I think about that.”


“It’s not good for a man to be alone.”

“It’s Utopia! But you’re right—there is something missing. Maybe if I had a long-term girlfriend and we lived in separate houses?”

“That wouldn’t work—we’re Catholic. When was the last time you went to confession?

“Sixth grade. When the Priest told me I couldn’t think about women, I had to choose.”


“Give me chastity, but not yet—St. Augustine said that.”

“He didn’t escape the fires of hell. Just find a nice Catholic girl.”

” Women give men rules—and then men become safe in society. I want to be dangerous! I want to find a dangerous woman! Maybe, I’ll try the non-denominational church?”

“Don’t you dare—a rockstar pastor speaks from a podium. We don’t believe in that.”

Well—maybe I’ll find a groupie.”

“Seek God, Greg—I need to go—you’re stressing me out!”

“I love you mom.”


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