She asks me in a soft sensitive voice

“Andy, when are you going to have us over to your apartment for a house-warming party?”

and I don’t know

I don’t think about it

her thought is nice

but my apartment has been a place to hold up against the people of the world for over a year

and she talks like I should simply let them in

If I could have dug a moat, I would have

Her boyfriend had the audacity to ask me, “Have you met anybody yet?”

“There’s one girl I find interesting,” I said. “But she doesn’t know.”

“Well, ask her out,” he advised.

“I plan to—what other choice do I have.”

Having interesting conversations is impossible

there is a knowledge gap

someone knows more

and someone knows less

then it becomes competitive

and nothing interesting

gets said.

Worst of all— we resort to…

“that’s interesting.”

8 thoughts on ““that’s interesting”

  1. I relate to this. No, I don’t want to host a house warming (my house is warm already). No I don’t want to have a conversation that feels like a competition, In those moments I feel like the only thing I can reply is “thats interesting”… idk it’s a weird feeling to explain, but the way you put it into words is magical.

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