We drift, on a lake

where the edges can’t be seen

we follow each other

in the middle of nothing

We stay together

hypnotized, by the lights

interconnected, like a power-grid, artificially bright.

A few of us,

drift away,

lost in loneliness

lost in darkness

seeking our own source of power

like phosphorescent algae

a light must be powered by something

and we are all attracted to the light

like flies burning up in the fire

Your power, is not created or destroyed

only transferred

So, where does it come from?




If you stop giving your energy to people, you will notice, immediately

Solitude, is required

If you stay out of the circus, away from amusements

Boredom, must be overcome

If you rest in the forest, and don’t chop down the trees

Your spirit, will take-on the spirit of the forest

Many are following the rules, not understanding where the rules come from

all the lights

that burn so bright

don’t know

where they are going.

If your light, gets really bright

people will try to take from you

the world believes energy should be exploited

rather than, understood.

When you understand your power, not so easily defined

you have become like God

When power is had

without pride

the people rejoice.

It is only known

when everything is stripped away

in the darkness, we find God

in nothing, we find

what cannot be created or destroyed.

9 thoughts on “What Cannot be Created or Destroyed

  1. i enjoyed this a lot. energy is transferred, overwhelmingly on a subconscious level, until we step into our power and learn to direct our energy consciously, understanding that it is regenerative and under our command.

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  2. We can’t always surround ourselves with all those noises, lights, flashes and thrills we want to all the time, there’s bound to be a moment in time, when everything, quiets down, and at that moment, when everything quieted down, we will then finally know, WHAT we’re, made of.

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