Gregson grabbed the Glock and lightly pulled the trigger—the bullet to the head was a sign.

“I’ve still got it. Would you like to try?” Gregson asked.

Nancy squeezed off a round. “Feels good to have your gun in my hand,” she said. “All that power…”

“That makes two holes in the head, snake eyes. I need to talk to Andrew. I don’t think the radio profile is right.”

“Doesn’t he work with kids?”

“Women too—and I would venture a guess that he knows more about children, women, and killers than any profiler working for the FBI.”

“Well, what should I do?”

“Why don’t you follow up with the latest murder—see if there’s a pattern between the victims.”

“They were all teachers and annoying.”

“There must be more to it than that.”

“Well, I’ll go for a steam and a massage then,” Nancy said.

“Does that help?”

“When I have a man rubbing my muscles, it loosens up my mind—my body too.” Nancy checked Gregson out, below the belt.

Women were always expecting something there, larger than life. It was his voice, his energy. Gregson hardly noticed. He couldn’t satisfy all women, even though he was more alive than all men. Crime, continence, and love were the ingredients that electrified and played the sensual organ of the opposite sex.

He drove to the middle school where Andrew worked. The building was painted a faded blue, with dark trim that was faded. When Gregson walked into the building, he felt out of place. It was a holding zone, where freedom lost its color.

“Can I help you?” A secretary asked. Her hair was pulled back into a bun, so that her wrinkles wouldn’t show. Her eyes were grey, and her lips, tight.

“I’m looking for Andrew—he’s a psychologist.”

“Do you have a child with a disability?”

“I hope not—I’m a bachelor,” Gregson said. His humor was lost on her face—maybe because her hair was pulled-back so tight.

“Come, I’ll show you to his office.” She glanced down at his pants. His zipper was at half-mast. “Uhum,” she coughed. It was a signal. Gregson pulled up the jib. It would be senseless to be suspected of murder and perversion in the same week.

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