I don’t want to bury myself


in a graveyard

before I’m dead.

My work is a crypt, with four white walls

the people


the master composition of life

It is frightening to think, we all get paid the same

get treated the same

surrender, to the same rules and routines.

I have been feeling a change

for some years

but the changes all look the same.

Why must we celebrate death in life?

Perhaps, my greatest aim

is to be alive

but the spirit of the multitude

is like a thousand captive spirits

who chant, what someone tells them to say

Needless to say, I’m back to work

and the higher man, might be impossible to reach—

a god of illusion, even though, he is supposed to be

rooted in reality, like a tree of life

offering joy, from his branches, out of reach.

As you pull away from the pack

As you separate from the crowd

As you put yourself

through pain, and discover

the limits of your strength and loneliness

the doubters will try to cause you to doubt

“Why endure hardship,

when the outcome is uncertain?”

I’m searching…

to feel

what’s real

Different from the comfort of the crowd

that wants to feel


as long as you make them feel


Every man gets to decide what is a waste of time

like the man who spends 4 hours preparing a 24-minute speech that will be forgotten in 24 hours

It wins him points with the boss

and people think he’s a good speaker

but what did he say?

His words were forgotten, before he finished his speech.

What can you say that will last a lifetime?

How much time do we waste, just to get through the day?

It’s like prison

“You can do the time, or the time will do you?”

But really, we all have time, until we don’t.

Why would I choose to take a job, just to stay busy, so my time will go faster?

Why not, ask for the death penalty,

rather than drawing it out?

Staying in my cell, is lonelier, but the time is mine.

All the comforts of companionship


when you have no companions.

I met a lady, at the coffee bar, before work

and she works, where I work

“Oh god, I guess I’ll have to wake up,” she complained.

This happened, when I started to talk to her

she was asleep, when she was awake, and then she realized she needed to talk to me

How many people willingly stay asleep?

They prefer slumber

because they have nothing to wake-up for.

Salvation never comes from someone else’s time

or giving your time to someone else.

Salvation is more than eternal life

it’s knowing your life while you have it

it’s knowing what to do with your life

it’s holding your life, in your hands

and trusting that your value does not come from what you give

Don’t rehearse mindless words

for mindless praise

Don’t sweat for approval

Don’t feel good to feel good

Know your life while you have it.

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