Through isolation, stillness, and pain

I watch the leaves blow

watching my dog open and close her eyes

while we exchange love,

without saying anything.

The grass and trees are darker

the wind carries the storm

I don’t know why

the fog, and mountains, are beautiful

lack of clarity, penetrated by, the unmovable

a man



a tidal wave

of darkness

with his hands holding heaven

looking through a door, into another world.

This uncertainty, before the fall

where monsters, don’t mean to be monsters

where confusion, turns our brightest light, into shadows

where we become, what we don’t want to be

Help me, to be, the mountain

the sky cracking in half

a sound

hidden, in silence.

We struggle

challenged by

what we don’t want to be challenged by

We have to climb

and be kind

listen, to what we don’t want to hear

choked, by our tears, in the mist.

This year

I’m going to be

more than a bug

flying towards the light

I’ll let the darkness envelope me

speak comfort

to lost souls

My lighthouse will shine from a mountain

where wisdom waits


the lost


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