You got to hold onto yourself

and never let go

not for what you think you’re owed

not for pretty girls

or a wife, who wants to change your mind

not for pressure, or for sudden, experiences

that you think will shake you up

even if the world sees a loser image, especially if

you have to trust, the attitude you have been building up

and not get caught up

by the attitudes, so willing,

to infect you.

Trust, your sense of self

that sees the world a certain way


your instinct,

especially when, your instinct, fails you.

Promises and Praise and Promotions will Pull you

in directions, that teach you, the ways of all men.

If you know you are doing well, when you have the approval of a million

you are at the whim, of the crowd

So easily swayed

If you trust, who you are, when no one else is attracted

when nobody wants, what you want

when it does not exist in their minds

when you don’t exist


you are unknown

Your values are your own

The crowd’s values, belong to the crowd.

Half the country, calls the leader of the country, a fool

I would rather be a bottle of moonshine, lost in the woods, at night

than a champagne bottle buried under the hot heap of humanity

Do not believe those who need an audience

Trust those, who try to put the truth in every line

You can’t appreciate what you have, if you reach for what doesn’t matter

And your need to belong, is the worst possible excuse.

2 thoughts on “a bottle of moonshine, lost in the woods

  1. Every line was well written. It’s so true if a person is living to please a crowd they risk the chance of losing their authentic self and it feels almost pointless if someone is not willing to invest in finding their self. Keep being your authentic self apart from the crowd.

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