from Orion’s bow

I watch the golden day

like a cheetah on the savannah

running fast

I don’t regret the past

I don’t regret my many selves

stacked and spliced

like cards

shuffling, into, the next hand

to predict

a most interesting future

the city, from far away, is beautiful

and the world, from outer space, is calm

wars and waves, go unseen

like a silent killer

like a quiet death

like an invisible agony

like a rogue, out of nowhere

we wonder at the days, that we lived

thoughts of who we are

among women, at the lake

those beautiful bathing suits

wrinkling stripes and polka-dots

inching into curves, like shoe strings

it’s good to be a man

I could fuck this angry world

but I watch it, instead

and my eyes see more

than my body will ever feel

the weakness in me

will be overcome, with a pure spirit

I long to laugh, with a light heart

free, of all dark feelings

just a smile

and my belief

I can do anything.

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