“I’m working out this story, where a private investigator needs to clear his name because he has been accused of a murder in Maple Valley.”

“Hey, this sounds like what’s happening to me,” Gregson said.

“Exactly—there is no better inspiration than real life.”

“Well, don’t try to help the story along, because you might end up with a life sentence,” Gregson said.

“Don’t worry, fantasy is always more compelling than reality. The perfect murder can only be executed on paper. If you try to kill someone in real life, things always go wrong, and with modern forensics, it’s impossible not to get caught.”

“Who would you kill then?” Gregson asked.

“The usual suspects—bosses, ex-girlfriends, the guy who cut me off in traffic, or my landlord,” Andrew said.

“It’s good that you are a writer; perhaps, the catharsis and fear of the law keeps you from doing the real thing.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Once you conquer the fear of death, you lose your fear of the law, and as for writing—it may stimulate my creativity to pull-off the perfect crime. I just don’t know if I can do it outside of fiction.”

“Trust me, Andrew—don’t try. There is always someone smarter, waiting to catch you. If it’s your first murder, you don’t stand a chance against someone who has caught a thousand.”

“And that would be you?”

“Someone like me.”

“What about beginner’s luck?”

“I think you should eat your food.”

“Say, Gregson? What are you going to do to clear your name?”

“I’ve been thinking about that—it’s turning into a movie plot. I’ll need to catch the real murderer before I’m arrested, which doesn’t give me much time. First things, first—I’ll need to rent some office space in Maple Valley, and hire a sexy secretary. Do you have any ideas?”

“There’s a spot by four corners. And advertising for a sexy woman shouldn’t be a problem in the summertime. I’d put an ad in the Voice of the Valley. I can just see it, seeking a blonde, brunette, or red head, 21 to 24 years of age, able to type, and take dictation.”

“Why don’t we use that?”

“You forgot the salary, Gregson.”

“You don’t need to list a salary. Just put down benefits: Handsome Detective, who eats crime for breakfast, don’t you want to come along?

“It reads more like a dating profile.”

“Trust me, young girls are waiting for a man of action. They’ve been on far-too-many coffee dates. Every girl wants to feel like Nancy Drew.”

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