there are elevators to the gods

walking through fields of daffodils

all the colors make you wonder

why people spend time in the darkness

searching for the white light

that vanishes

you learn how to study

to look closer

at love

gold, encases your mind


gripping, a golf club

It isn’t enough to be the best

tortured by a need to win

penetrating women

as the ultimate conquest

or the enjoyment of feeling her skin

enthusiasm, is the fire behind your eyes

it has gone out, of the predator stare

cold marbles, that can never steal enough

Sharks dressed in suits, preparing to rip

someone’s fatal flaw

an enthusiast never wears a suit,

until one day

he gambles on his enthusiasm,

when the flowers bloom

and his tailor takes special pleasure

in fitting him

with fine shoes

multi-colored ties

and a brown suit

He smokes a cigar, billowing into the expensive atmosphere

His style is on the inside

the barber brings it out

it’s a pleasure to sculpt a work of art, that was already there

there is no struggle, in him

no defeat, to overcome

only subtle perfection

and when the enthusiast wins

the angel puts away his wings

and walks on the earth

if you watch him, he is better than the game

not because he wins

but because he enjoys it more than anyone

angry sharks, are swimming around in the dark

and he is walking across the green, smiling at blue

swinging through the wind

like a sword that cuts through the impossible

causing the crowd to actually cheer

there is so much life

in him

between victory and defeat

he is

an enthusiast.

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