I watch the beauties


through the grocery store


in quiet coffee shops


I know their names

I am a dismissive man

“Do you ever talk to them?” My friend asks.

“No, and I don’t need to.”

A face tells me more, than a thousand truthful words

Words are deceptive, tools invented for lying

Some men, wait forever, to know a girl

but by then, she might as well, represent all women

time is an investment, usually spent, unwisely

What is a man to do, when he finds out her words are empty?

Feminine statues are buried under layers of hurt

I met a woman once

who I tried to talk to

but it didn’t work

there was adventure in her smile

fire, flowing up, from somewhere

Feminism is a lie

women who believe in it, need it

without it, they have no power

Feminism is the mob

the strong woman

does not join movements

she moves

Men can’t help themselves, but watch her

Few try to talk to her

she’s intimidating

I like that

My friend told me, I don’t want a strong woman

I want a sweet woman, a submissive woman, a traditional… fill in the blank.

We diverge on this point

I want a confident woman

And I’m not a male feminist.

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