For the hold-outs

like me

for this courtship of love

waiting to be

I ask, “Why this pinnacle, this drive, to reach climax, at the top?”

Watching Murder Mysteries

the handsome young man, spurns the woman to kill

to retain her love.

She has a beautiful voice, and knows how to get things done

I’ve always let the wind blow me

but in the last year, there has been no wind, and no women

Different Seasons?

The Flowers are still young

and beautiful

but I am like the shifting sands


A woman is capable of pouring me into a concrete foundation

She makes me solid

and then kicks it, to make sure I’m solid

All of my friends have gotten married

and love the structure imposed by their wives

“She schedules my day from 7 AM to 7 PM,” my friend said. “We have to go running at 5 AM. It’s my only window.”

He has two kids, and he looks at me, as if I have failed.

The form I would take at this time in my life, is a sandcastle, I don’t want to rule.

A woman is looking for an established man, and I am hoping to be anti-establishment

unable to be pinned down.

Rather than a fly, or some disgusting grasshopper

that leers at women, holding his beer and belly,

I’ll transform myself into a butterfly

I am a lazy caterpillar who loves to eat

who enjoys going slow

dreaming of flight.

Now, my many bellies, are doing crunches

my mind is making plans

for lift-off

I am a dreamer

unable to be cast in any mold

unwilling to settle, on the ground

I sleep in the wind.

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