Never again, sweet lore of lost

never again, that self who only fishes for selfish fish

in pools of conceit

never again,

the river takes me home

change, is a thousand miles from where I used to be.

Some of us don’t venture far

beyond green oak leaves, a spring morn, near, and only near

in our home country

why walk

the asphalt road

why knock

unfriendly doors

why wait

on the politician’s gate

among dark colors.

Triumph, that is not a triumph of the soul, is lost

All the change, on the ground, won’t help me change

the internal mechanism, will tell

teaching words

standing on song

encouraging young men who need courage

larger than life, is an expression I love

in our careful society

how horrible to remain the same, even when the same, is a delight

to live, is to change

death, is a still monument

watching the seasons, without feelings

from the graveyard

where people are born, and seldom leave

thank God for the rules of life

hidden secrets

that can only be known

until I have paid the price.

It is true

that solitude

takes strength, for the person who stays there

Curiosity is an aphrodisiac

the more alive you are

the more life responds to you

the times of day hold hidden knowledge

similar to the sun, passing over shadows

the rhythms of the ocean

tell stories

light, penetrates heaven

reaching out

to you, and to a thousand years before.

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