a routine is not boring

despite what boring people say

“you’re not that interesting”

they told me this, out of the blue

Is that the blue sky or the blue ocean?

they’re like sharks,

or seagulls that poop on me

Anyway, a routine, is like god’s hands

shaping my mind, my body, and my spirit

with philosophy, tension, and silence

I like to listen to people

but I prefer my own world, to theirs

the difference being, I don’t talk about mine

People want People to listen

and I find this most interesting.

As I get older, my plans get interesting.

When things don’t work out

I take-up other things

hobbies are more than time killers.

What you do, every day, becomes you

so be careful what you do.

I go to the library, and sit there, into the late evenings

working out my philosophy

Other people are going out for drinks

and discussing who is going out with whom


but I don’t tell them that

I prefer to watch librarians from when I was 10

they look the same, and act the same

I go to the gym, and I read books on the treadmill

I’m losing weight

I bought a piano, and my soul came alive

I deal with difficult coworkers

with my new strategy, I don’t protest

the whole world is protesting, and not doing a damn thing

I ride my bicycle into the summer evenings

And I play chess against my computer

I’m not much different than my middle school self

I read books about the religious experience

and think about getting into a relationship

I don’t know why I haven’t

Probably, because I always feel my time is wasted

but I know my people are out there

it’s just difficult to find them

I like to believe I’m doing important things

that matter

for me, and only for a few

Writing stories is a way to share my interior world

Even I, can’t take credit

for that.

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