Look, I can’t stand the fakers!

When my boss tells me, her husband is a hunk

and he’s 50 pounds over-weight

with mousey hair, and round glasses

she’s trying to convince herself, and everybody else

but it doesn’t work

if she believed, I would forgive her

but she only half-believes

it’s the right thing, for a wife to say

but nobody believes

it’s to her credit, and not his

to say the lies with conviction

their friends believe they have something special

because love is insane

it defies the truth

Everybody thinks, her husband is so lucky to have her

and that’s the point

it sounds like a line

she learned in a book

for a successful marriage

“a good wife builds-up her husband to others”

I wish we didn’t need

to lie to ourselves

I do it,

and everybody else does it

because, we can’t look in the mirror

My middle school principal used to say

“Maybe the mirror is lying—that’s why you think you’re ugly”

but he was a big doofus

and we all had acne,

and knew it

and I felt my red bumps with my finger.

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