Most of our problems are self-created illusions, masquerading as confusion

We try to figure-out why we aren’t happy

so we invent a problem, to solve—it’s always reoccurring, it never goes away

a convenient hook we can hang our raincoat on

for a depressing

dreary day.

We fixate on flaws, so we don’t have to think about perfection

a world heating up

women wearing less clothes

high calorie hamburgers

and nothing to do.

If the world can’t make wise men

in the information age

with limitless free time

and no serious threat

then it’s all an illusion

like a mirage, under the sun

and the real problems of survival

are quickly won.

Men are paid to fix pipes, repair electric wires, construct buildings, and design machines that will go to the moon.

Women are paid to pretend, to act, to care, to love, to cut hair, to serve drinks on a plane with a smile, to be smart in a library by looking the part, with thick-framed glasses, and a helpful line.

If the world wasn’t paid, nothing would work.

I like to imagine the good in humanity

but I realize, it’s not necessary

We just need to transact business in the usual way

and the world goes around

and life retains its meaning

and the problems get thought of, and never resolved

Does she love me?

Or does she love me for…

fill in the blank, it doesn’t matter

What does matter, is that life has never been easier

and if it gets hard, we know what to do

but it won’t get hard

a good meal

and the afternoon sun

and Eternity


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