The eyes of the rabbit were wonderous, and terrifying.

Before I knew it, as if by a glimmer of moonlight, he was a little man, preparing to give a sermon.

“You’ll like his speech,” Jessica said excitedly. “He gives it with so much conviction and passion.”

“Brethren, the world is changing, and we are getting left behind. The arrogance of humans is beyond comprehension—especially their women, and men can’t do anything about it, so we must do it for them!”

“Amen!” Echoed several masculine voices.

“The problem is, stupid people get ahold of smart phones, and believe they are intelligent. Do we hide, or do we have a civic responsibility to set them right?”

“But stupid people are dangerous, your majesty.”

“That may be true, but we are a race that has existed since before the dawn of time. Are you suggesting we are no match for their technology?”

“What I’m suggesting, sire, is that we belong to the past, and the future is no longer ours. We are as irrelevant as the dinosaurs.”

“How dare you!” King Brian said. And his golden crown, and his purple robe, and his angry face contorted into energy. Blue lightning shot from his fingers, knocking out the challenger.

“Needless to say, Sean will not be joining us for the midnight hunt. Let him rest up a bit. If any one of you wishes to challenge me, I’ll meet your challenge, bare knuckles, if need be.”

“What about the humans, watching?”

The little king pointed, and his people glared at us, as if the wind had shifted.

“I don’t want any trouble,” I said.

“Then why are you here?”

“Oh, King Brian, I just wanted to show Andy your grace and majesty,” Jessica said. Her statement seemed to disarm him a bit.

“Well, we can’t have spies observing our ceremony.”

“We won’t tell anyone, honest,” Jessica said. And she meant it, and the king knew she meant it.

“Well, come down here, my dear, and I’ll show you some magic.”

I didn’t like how he said that. It sounded like a come-on. But Jessica obeyed. She knew better, than to disappoint him. King Brian grabbed her wrist with his bony fingers, and kissed her hand.

“Oh, my dear, why don’t you and your friend accompany me to my chambers?”

We didn’t dare refuse, but I was feeling really uncomfortable. We walked down a mineshaft into a well-lit room where a golden harp and a throne stood in a brilliant music hall.

“What is your wish?” King Brian asked Jessica.

“To have a family.”

“Granted,” he said.

“And what is your wish, young man?”

“To be successful.”

“Oh, very noble; your wish is granted. Now, I must sound the horn for the midnight hunt. Let me put my hands on both of you.”

He rested his hand on my head, and with his other, he began to touch Jessica, all over, and she responded in ecstasy, and it was so wrong, but it was finished in seconds, and he hopped onto his horse, and blew his horn, and rode into the night.

“I’m feeling strange,” Jessica said.

And I looked at her, and then I looked again. Her innocence and beauty had turned to sensuality. And I couldn’t stop looking at her. She was the girl in high school that the guys talked about endlessly, in the locker room. I tried not to look at her, and we made our way back to her truck, but I was feeling intense heat and passion radiating from her body, and I heard the king laughing in my head. It was maddening.

To be continued…

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