the world tries to get you to worry

rich men worry about their wealth

poor men worry about their credit

the alcoholic is looking for one more drink

and perhaps, he is the most honest.

Countries threaten each other with nuclear war

and they don’t feel anything, but worry…

a man who doesn’t worry, is mentally ill

and the psychologist asks him, “Who is the President of the United States?”

and if he doesn’t know

he has lost something he should have

he is not a concerned citizen

he is not up-to-date

with who he should hate

with the latest worry

and he doesn’t have a cell phone

because he believes, if someone wants to get in touch, they will

even so-called “good friends” don’t call

because they have too much to worry about

When you lose your worries, and the worries on TV

the world is a wonderful place

it is the only way, to step outside

Suddenly, it doesn’t matter where you live

who you know, or don’t know

how much money you have

and what the markets are doing

a wealthy man, has no worries

he freely forgets about the world and himself

he gets lost in love

Where are the old men without worries?

Poetry has become a political statement

words won’t live on, beyond the next president

Poetry should remind us, of what’s important

it should teach us

it should tell us, the truth

Poetry is an old piano, in a lost cabin

it’s the heart of a man, who wrote it down

What is your heart worth?

Will you trade it for worries?

Or will you let the world go

like a yo-yo

and walk the dog with delight?

12 thoughts on “Let Your Worries Go

  1. “the alcoholic is looking for one more drink, and perhaps, he is the most honest.” I love this line so much. I love the whole poem but just that line alone says it all for me ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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