the things that save you

are worth searching for

and there is


in finding them

during the best,

and worst times of your life

like a professional in a black suit and a tie

who parks his BMW on the side of the road

and wades through sunflowers

falling down, seeing the blue sky, for the first time.

It’s these moments, that we must embrace, spontaneously

not four walls, a spreadsheet, or a compliance timeline.

My boss walked on the bike trail

six steps ahead of her husband, wearing a mask

and he was struggling to keep up.

She was as tight as a spring, marching into the next work week

Needless to say, I didn’t call-out

Those who play the game of victory

think they will win, if they do everything right

they know they’re smarter than the rest of us

and they work twice as hard

and they do win, but what have they won?

to be around such types

is to be a pawn in their game

but I still hold-out fantasies

of winning, in my own way

with the weakest piece on the board.

If you put distance between yourself

and such types

you won’t win their game, but you might win your game

If you move slower, and listen to Classical music

you can get there, faster, than those who wish to dominate

Humor helps, too

Enjoying colorful clothes

Making moves

with a flash of genius

when the game, is thought, to be lost.

I only enjoy playing, against incredible odds

hence, I mostly lose

and many call me a loser, but if I win

one time, from my position

I am more than a King.

As I fall farther and farther behind

in their game

it can be terrifying,

for someone who needs to win,

but I remind myself

this life, matters

and how I live it, is more important, than getting to the end.

Make no mistake, I don’t play to lose

I’m a gambler,

I play to win

with the odds stacked against me.

I won’t play

any other way.

23 thoughts on “The Things that Save You

  1. If you put distance between yourself
    and such types
    you won’t win their game, but you might win your game
    these lines! will stay with me forever! amazing piecee

    Liked by 1 person

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