I spent yesterday, completely alone

it’s the only way, to fully experience a day

conversations, cause me to lose the position of the sun.

I ride my bicycle with special sunglasses

green trees and forest paths, become medieval yellow

there is a castle in the countryside

that only I can find

like a secret code

in a book

allowing me, to enter.

With shades, I can see shadows.

Today, was less remarkable. I went to the gym

and a girl, 24 years of age, smiled at me

She held open the door

and I didn’t look at her

I was read around the eyes

from reading, last night

She had brown eyes, brown curly hair

a skinny athletic frame

dressed in a t-shirt I didn’t see

with a smile, a laughing smile.

I thought about talking to her

but, an hour prior, I decided not to talk to anyone

I prefer my own world, to tense surprises.

When I went home to see my parents and sister

She told me her new boss was friendly, but could twist your arm

in a nice way, to get what she wanted

Then she told me, she thought my balls would shrink

because I was taking Melatonin

I went to the bathroom and checked

no difference

it’s her experiment

she’s been learning from her mentor

she knows I care about my manhood

she has my balls in her psychological vice

I want to do something artistic with my life

she wants to become like the people she admires

I have a grand ambition to become the king of my castle

but it requires


quiet days

where I follow


under the sun.

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