A man who welcomes other men into his company, appreciates humanity. Women can only appreciate a man who has friends.


With many friends, a poor man is wealthy. Women can only appreciate a man with wealth.


The easiest way to get something done is to watch your friends do it.


Friends help a man to measure himself. The shortest man, grows the most. The tallest man, is god. The middle-man, is caught between two extremes.


Friendship is temporary. After marriage, friends become relics of the past.


Acquaintances pop up from old friendships, like flowers that become weeds. Everybody goes to seed.


They say you can choose your friends and not your family, but real friends become your family and it wasn’t a choice.


Friends remain the same, if they are all the same. When friends are different, they benefit the most.


Each friend must think himself special in some way. Then each friend must recognize this “specialness” in the other.


Friends help each other without obligation or responsibility. It’s a type of human freedom, unlike any other relationship.

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