If you are, who you are

you can’t lose

even if, you can’t win.

I am not a job

I am not what you call me

I am all the things, I wish to be

I am bonded to books with a human cover

I might be the man in black, hidden from himself

a multiple personality

of all the interesting personalities I admire

I am the jungle rat, in Vietnam, from a safe distance

I am the poet who drinks red wine and listens to classical music

I am the bicycle superstar

who cheats and wins

I ride my bicycle into the late evenings, and dream of far-off orange sunsets, and go

I can go for 15 rounds, without getting hit

I am the romantic, who has never loved

I am the writer who reads his own writing

I am the thief

who needs to pull-off one more BIG heist—

the thrill of doing what others won’t do, for life

in prison, I am the prisoner who plans and digs

one day, I vanish, like the invisible man

I am the mad scientist who invents a monster

I am the cult leader who drinks his own cool-aid

I am the adventurer

who wanders

into his imagination.

12 thoughts on “I Am

  1. We are, everything we define our selves as, only, a lot of times, we based these, definitions of our, selves, off of, what the outside world, perceives us, as, that is, why we lose, thr essence of, who we, truly, are.

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  2. written with a tinge of humor, I am everything with a pen and paper. Though I am more than what I do. The essence of me is significant. Though my imagination runs wild. Love this rendition that escapes being pigeon holed! Wonderful poetry.

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